Sorority Flowers

Brand, Graphic, and Web

Sorority Flowers was a program developed for sorority women to raise charitable donations or funds for their organization. Friends and family would order with a sorority’s code to donate a portion of their order to the aforementioned sorority.

This site was designed in mind for feminine sales reps. I wanted to capture the essence of “cute” that would entice and have eager sorority participants join the cause. The completion of these website was completely front-end. I only received access to one .CSS file and the ability to link .jpg files through this same .CSS file. Complete backend was through FTD Florists while mail implementation was completed with a partner to Sorority Flowers.

The logo is a culmination of rose with an Ω (omega). A very visual combination of “greek” and “flower.” The manager for this project was adamant on the use corals and mints (as they were very popular at the time). For a stylistic approach, I wanted a logo which was striking and simple, but remained as if it was hand-drawn and organic. As for the brands main use of type, I settled on Comfortaa. A modern and light typeface. I felt it was a sans-serif that encompassed femininity.

  • ClientSorority Flowers
  • Year2014