The Mininail

Brand and Print

The owner of Dabsolute and a new team approached me with a new project to brand, The Mininail, “The Future of Concentrate Vaporization.”

The branding was heavily actuated to visual connections to the new device. The honey colored glass-like imagery is a tie to the shatter of the hemp oil industry. The logo is tied to the plug-in invention’s charging abilities and ring to heat the oil. The design is modern and straight-forward. The client wanted a professional take on the marijuana industry. The exact words were “an Apple outside of computers.” I made a modern, sleek design with colorful gold and brooding blacks.

The box was designed with wrapparound in mind and angular folds at corners. The booth was much more of a straight-forward introduction of the product.

(Box picutred below is a prototype. Final was printed a coated gloss.)

  • Client The Mininail
  • Year2014