Genius Ghost

Brand, Graphic, and Web

Genius Ghost was originally introduced to me as a marketing company who would be selling design for promotional products, print, and web, with no name. After a late night brain storm session, “Genius Ghost” was born. The idea behind the name is to be an unseen “ghost” with “genius” ideas.

The CEO and I discussed several ideas for a logo and brand for the company, and we landed on simply one idea: iconic. A brand very visually obvious and tied to strong popular culture. I began working with retro ghost shapes and implementing science tropes like atoms, rockets, and brains when I finally landed on the most obvious trope: geek glasses. Choosing the eyes was the most difficult, but I decided to keep the logo as symmetrical as possible and denied usual art laws of a point source.

A lot of the brand from grew creative forms of ghosts: dark purple and light blue are dead, cool colors but are not often associated with the undead like natural colors, black, and orange. Grainy, vintage, foggy images of Seattle were incorporated to create a mysterious and local presence to the to the brand.

The Genius Ghost logo’s typeface is an altered form of Hoefler & Co’s Knockout. The lettering top is curved and the bottoms flattened to emphasized an iconic ghost shape to each letter.

This one page and responsive website was a joy to design and code. Implementing the “dead” and “disappearance” of a ghosts, I emphasized dark colors like black and dark purple and tied it in with light blue. My favorite user experience tidbits are the flight fades implement to truly feel the mysterious and fun-loving side of this brand. Completely designed with only HTML5 and CSS3.

  • Client Genius Ghost
  • Year2014